Plastic Free July

Now, we all know the horrors of plastic. The way it hangs around without biodegrading for centuries, the way it’s clogging the stomachs of birds, how it creates islands in the ocean for marine life to get stuck in, how it pollutes our riverways and motorways as non-biodegradable rubbish.

So here are some ways we can all make a difference ...

Thankfully the large supermarkets have now stopped with the single use bags and everyone is scrounging around looking for other options. It's worth the investment in buying sturdy, fabric shopping bags, rather than buying the heavier plastics bags that Coles and Woolies are offering.

Eat less junk food and stop home delivery! Sorry UberEats, but there is SO MUCH packaging there, it's insane!. Not only is it bad for our health, but it’s also the bad on the environment. Jump in the car and go eat at the cafe down the road, or get organised and make dinner at home. And what about the chuckers? How often do you see someone throwing wrappers and food out the car window? imagine if we all did this on a daily basis?

Leftovers. As Ronni Kahn has been promoting recently, food waste is one of the environment’s worst offenders. When trapped inside a plastic bag and put into landfill, it releases methane into the atmosphere. Package up leftover dinner for work the next morning, in a reusable container and use paper bags instead of cling wrap where possible.

Use your own cup. We all know now how bad coffee cups are on the environment, with a thin film of plastic on the inside. So either bring your own mug and ask for it to be filled just enough so you can walk with it or do what the Italians and we do, stand there and drink it in a glass, then leave.

It sounds ridiculous, but if we all start in a very small way, together, we can all make a huge impact on the environment.

And then we can talk about recycling .........

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