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Melissa Don Port

With a passion for street food and cultural heritage, Melissa has traveled the globe, for the best local produce and traditional foods. As a food stylist, a lecturer in food, and small business owner, Melissa brings her 30+ years of knowledge to every food tour. 

  • Mia Cucina

Sherri Reginato

Born in the USA, Sherri's background is in Sales and Marketing, with a desire, in search of the best food, where ever she travels. Marrying into an Italian family, Sherri takes pleasure in the annual passata making tradition, homemade past etc.

  • Sherri Reginato

Peter Hoy

From a large family, a free-range farm & orchard upbringing in Orange NSW, to cooking and playing rugby in the South of France, Peter has a focus on the pursuit of the culinary arts, multicultural life and unique experiences.

  • Peter Hoy

Lara Reynolds

Lara freelances in the food industry, and loves nothing more than cooking and eating her way around the world. Lara has lived in Greece as a chef on board a luxury yacht, sailing around the Greek islands, exploring and enjoying the Grecian people and their cuisine.  

  • Lara Reynolds

Arrnott Olssen

Arrnott Olssen is editor of men’s Lifestyle site Rogue Homme, a social media expert, a fashion stylist and a contributor in print/digital magazines. Arrnott enjoys great food, and has a passion for new trends in the cafe landscape.

  • Arrnott Olssen

Jeremiah Nassim

Jeremiah converted from being a vegetarian for 20 years to vegan after further education. He’s heavily involved in the community, at vegan markets, creating his own kombucha, and having a unique perspective of the vegan Sydney scene. 

  • Jeremiah Nassim



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