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Corporate and Private Food Tours

 “Teamwork is the driving force behind any successful business”    - Sir Richard Branson 

A close-knit team is crucial to your company’s success, and our bespoke food tours are the best way to build those relationships and develop key communication skills.


Our interactive and empowering team bonding experiences, provides employees with an opportunity to bond in diverse and culturally rich environments, to get to know each other better and to raise morale.

Turkish Food Tour

We start our morning with a traditional Turkish coffee and delicious Turkish treats and then begin our journey through the streets of Auburn, discovering the local community. We pop into the bakehouse, enjoying some local breads, then onto the supermarket where we try so many imported, Turkish cheeses, spicy capsicum dip, wonderful imported fig and cherry jams, and many deli goods. I hope you have room in your suitcase to take home some goodies! From here we enjoy the locally wood fire oven cooked Turkish pizza, and a Turkish food tour is never complete without the flavours of locally baked real Turkish baklava, different to the Lebanese one, followed by lunch.

Vietnamese Food Tour

Join us in celebrating the exotic flavours of Vietnam as we walk the streets of Cabramatta, and discover hidden local gems. From delicious dumplings, to BBQ smoke house, cane sugar juice and incredibly vibrant sweets, we share our rich knowledge of these small alleyways. We enjoy a traditional Vietnamese meal, including Salt and Pepper Tofu, Papaya Salad, Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Marinated Quail. To complete the tour, we have the opportunity in purchasing Asian ingredients, sauces, marinades, local produce as part of the experience

Italian Food Tour

Italian Food Tour

Step back in time, somewhere in the 70’s where living in a little Italian village and nothing has changed in Haberfield. We visit the local fresh pasta shop and baker where we sample traditional Italian ciabatta and the most incredible bolognaise arancini. The local cheese maker talks us through the history of Italian cheeses, where we sample the freshly made ricotta, bocconcini and the famous blue cheese-cake and discover the diverse range of the best quality oils and balsamic vinegars. An absolute must is the very private lemoncello and grappa tastings, with the opportunity in buying some imported Italian wines.

Chinese Food Tour

Discovering rich history of Haymarket and Chinatown, we go beyond the famous gates, the restaurants, bazaars and tea shops, and see the community like the residents see it! Where to buy the best Peking Duck, choosing the right wok for your kitchen, a visit to the traditional Chinese doctor and learn all about Eastern medicine. Learn the secrets to purchasing the freshest spices and Asian products and discover the ‘Hole in the Wall’ custard dumpling man. Our visit is complete with traditional Chinese Yum Cha, sampling sweet bean curd soup, steamed chicken buns, a selection of dumplings, sticky rice, custard tarts and so much more. 

Lebanese Food Tour

Bring all your senses on a tour that will blow your mind. See the selection of Middle Eastern spices and herbs, the bakeries and cake shops of Lakemba, the butchers and array of pastries like you have never seen. Come and discover the most delicious hummus and the finest tahini, and enjoy fattoush, baba ganouj, kibbeh, and experience the sweetest baklava and ma’moul. Old world traditions live strong in this community, where everyone still enjoys the traditions of the past, such a rich vibrant culture, so full of life. Bring a big appetite!

Bespoke Food Tours

Our private tours showcase Sydney’s finest foodie destinations, exploring all regions, and all cuisines. With over 30 years of knowledge, we will design a bespoke food tour, based on your request. Discover the latest coffee houses and hip places to be seen in the inner city or perhaps exploring the NSW countryside for organic produce and markets, or simply spend the day buying wholesale produce at our many suppliers. We also offer luxury transportation with executive limousines.